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Childhood dreams

Only recently I watched "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. Video is below. Great video, goes for an hour, but trust me it's worth it.

Got me thinking about what my childhood dreams were. Think this is the list I had.

  • Be a space fighter pilot. Like in "Wing Commander" the game. Or from the movie "Last Starfighter".
  • Get out of school.
  • Be a swordfighter.
  • Play the flute. This is not an euphemism.
  • Write a computer game.
  • Ride a motorbike.
  • Have some money.
  • Write a novel.

We'll start with the easy ones first.

Have some money

While not poor as a kid, money was fairly tight. Now this one is well and truly ticked. Not enough cash in the bank for a life of luxury, but we've got enough hard cash put away, that if we didn't work for quiet a few years, we'd be okay.

Ride a motorbike

Read through the blog, this was well and truly ticked.

Get out of school

School bored me silly. Slight bit of arrogance in the next paragraph, but bugger it. I'm fairly intelligent, and for the most part school bored me rotten. Also I'm damn lazy. My grades were always good, but not great. And the reason for this is I normally could work out what was going on then and there, so I never bothered studding.

99% of the time I never bothered to do any homework, only rarely when it looked interesting. And the few times I got called up about it I'd either bluff my way through, or once twice get detention. And for exams, half the time I'd do the week before cram, and once or twice, I'd rock up to the exam and wing it. And this was without me paying much attention during the school day. I'd either spend most of the lesson time chatting, or reading a novel.

Be a swordfighter.

Borderline ticked. I've done both kendo and fencing. Still get my arse kicked, but I reckon if the zombie attacks comes I'll survive slightly longer than the average joe.

Play the flute. This is not an euphemism.

Dunno why. Studied the vioin briefly. Can play one song on the piano. And had Jimmy's guitar for a while. But that was mainly to look cool (still got a great picture Jacques took of me on the bike with a guitar slung across one side). No process on this one, but now I might just go bugger it and buy a flute on ebay some time.

Write a computer game

There's about 10 ideas of what to write in my mind, and I've started writing about 2 of them. At one point I'll finish one.

Write a novel

I can write(yeah, my blog isn't exactly something I spend a lot of time planning), and as a teenage won a few literary comps. At uni I did try and write a novel, but after reading the first chapter, it was pure trash. This is something I need to push myself into doing again.

Be a space fighter pilot

Right, I have no idea on how to do this one. I've booked in my flying lessons for next week, so maybe after a few of those, I'll shell out to do a jet fighter dogfight. Not quite in space, but getting there.

Compare this to my list of things todo before 30:

  • Learn how to Fly
  • Get a motorbike
  • Buy a house
  • Write a novel
  • Be a recognizable extra in a movie

House is just waiting until we settle down in a country. Flying is kicking off. Novel is the still to do.

Interestingly, the common stuff between being a kid and adult is flying, motorbikes and writing a book. Now I just need to write a book about a spaceship that's a motorbike, and all boxes are ticked :)


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And here's a pic of Lana with Lorenzo.



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London Comic Con

On Sunday, myself, Lana and Tim went to check out London Film and Comic Con.

I mainly go to check out the freaks and have a laugh (plus to reconfirm to myself that I'm not that geeky). There wasn't anyone on the list I really wanted to check out and for a Comic Con, there wasn't that much comic focussed.

Queuing up to get in, bunch of goths behind us making fun at the geeks. I really had to bite my tongue from turning around and telling them everyone laughs at you as much as you laugh at the geeks.

Get in, few geeky costumes. As usual lots of fat jedis :)

Walking to the back to check out the famous ppl giving autographs. Lana's going on about how she won't recognise anyone, blah de blah. Bam, she looks around, goes bright red and screams "There's Lorenzo Lamas". Star of 80's tv show Renegade. She paid the £15 and got a signed pic and photo with him. Highly amusing. Plus winding her up that she has a crush on him :)

Newt from aliens was there. She's now a middle aged woman.

Patrick Stewart was doing autographs, but there was a sign up saying "No handshakes". Which I thought was a dick thing to do, but then reading about it, realised it made sense. Last year he was out, but didn't get time to sign all the autographs, so this year he wanted to make sure he go through everyone, and handshakes tended to slow down the queue.

Tim got star struck at meeting the guys from Cyanide and Happiness. Who were pretty cool guys, there were giving out free doodles to anyone who asked. Tim put his mouth in it when he met them as he confused them with xkcd briefly. He got a drawing from them, but was very annoyed he hadn't thought of a better word. They basically drew a comic based on a word you gave them. So we sent Lana in. Her genius word was "bacon". She got a picture of a horny bacon. I was going to get one, but the masquarade where the geeks show off their costumes was on, and that was the main reason I came.

And I was very disappointed. No where near enough costumes, half a dozen or so people. Some were pretty cool, some freaky.

All in all, for £5 entry + £15 for Lorenzo Lama's signed picture, cheap fun afternoon out.


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Blog upgrade

In the process of upgrading my blog, so there may be weird stuff for a bit.

Edit: And the only problem seems to be that you can't post comments. I'll work on that, but since the main reason I was updating was to stop the frequent spammers, I'm in no rush to fix that.

Edit2: And that's fixed. I'll prob add in some captcha stuff depending on how much spam is accumulated, but now I can turn off comments for older posts, so shouldn't have to.


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Sometimes people are sheep.

Went to the movies to see Wall-E (which btw was a very good movie).

Get our tickets, go upstairs to outside the cinema. Lana needs to pee. There's a queue outside the cinema. Lana goes to the bathroom. I wait for her, she gets back, the queue has got bigger.

Go and get some popcorn. The queue is even bigger.

I take a look at the queue, there is no usher standing at the front stopping people getting in, so I go bugger it, I'll walk past them all and walk straight in.

And that I do, with about 10 minutes before the start of the movie.

30 seconds later, everyone else realises there was no reason to queue up and they all come in.

So me and Lana had our pick of seats, while everyone else was queing up like sheep. Rather amusing.

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