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SNP Genotyping/DNA analysis

Yeah, my lingo might be a little off here, so sue me.

Anyway, had some spare cash and went and got my DNA analyzed (well SNP Genotyping) via 23andMe

If you create an account over there, add me, and I know you, I'll share my details if you're curious.

Otherwise here's another analysis of it all via snpedia.

This web page is 10 megs big, so be patient.

Yes I know this tech is very much in it's infancy, so I don't put much store in most of it. Some of it is right though (esp in regards to the diabetes).

Highlights are (anything in brackets is my comments):

  • Increased risk for type-2 diabete (Yep, big family history of this)
  • stronger cravings for alcohol; (Well, my last blog post was about a trip across 3 countries to get some beer.....)
  • lactose intolerant (Nah, I'm fine with lactose)
  • longer lifespan (Fuck, my retirement plans are going to have to change, or I'm eating cat food for the last 20 years)
  • significantly higher anxiety levels after moderate caffeine consumption (Yep, that's true, caffine screws me up)
  • higher risk for hypertension (Yep, had to deal with it a few times)
  • somewhat higher IQ and 3+ IQ points (fuck yeah, me smart)
  • increased susceptibility to novelty seeking (hahahahaha)
  • paternal haplogroup R1a1. R1a arose 15,000 years ago in the vicinity of Ukraine. Today it is found at high frequency (more than 40%) from the Czech Republic across to the Altai Mountains in Siberia and south throughout Central Asia (This means it's highly likely me and Lana are related :D)

Loading Lana's through this Promethease at the moment, I'll post her results up when it's done. She's happy to share them as well.


And here's Lana's.

Stuff that makes sense for her.

  • possibly increased sprint/power performance (She's got reflexes like a snake and is freakisly strong)
  • double normal metabolism (All she eats are cakes and she's way too skinny)
  • ~0.8cm taller (Nah, this one has to be wrong :D)
  • somewhat higher IQ & 3+ IQ points (Fair enough)
  • 1.1x increased risk for osteoarthritis (Well she does have dodgy knees)

All in all, it's pretty damn interesting. But like Horoscopes the risk is you make the circumstances fit the description. Anyway, I've got to go into detail most of this. Interesting thing is you can read all the research papers on this and make your own call.

I'll also upload the raw data shortly.


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The abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren

Man I've been slack on the updates.

The quick run though, spent 3 months in Oz for Nick & Bonnies wedding and Jacques & Eve wedding. Spent 2 odd months with my parents (which was worth it alone for the trip, good to spend time with them). Plus catching up with The Crew and assorted others. Also spent a week with Lana's mum on Hamilton island, and amazingly we actually got on for that trip :)

But back to this update.

So I heard about the abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren ( Meant to produce some of the best beer in the world. It's a long process to get hold of a case. You need to call up the beer hotline at a certain time, book in a pick-up time, then cruise across to Belgium to get it. You can't purchase it in any stores, and you're restricted to between 1-2 cases a month.

Took 4 days of calling up to get through the reservation lines. That's me and Lana both calling up.

A month later, loaded up the bike to go pick it up.

Riding through on the train from Folkestone. This is one of the coolest things I've encountered. You ride up, get on the train, half an hour later you're in France. I'm from Oz, so being able to ride to a different country is pretty much mind blowing.

Fairly cool on the train as well, you sit with the bike. They also stick all the riders together, and as usual riders tend to be a fairly cool bunch of ppl, so plenty to chat to. Got invited to a couple of coffee nights, now I just got to get off my arse to get over there :)

Then you ride off the train, and you're in France. With the words "Ride on the right" kept repeating in my head.

40 minutes later I'm in Belgium. Again, this is blowing my mind. I'm riding through different countries.

Get to the abbey, down some country roads. Pull up and chat to the monk. Young guy, been a monk for 6 years. Had a bit of a mag about the bike as well. Picked up 1 case of the Westvleteren 12.

Turn around and head on back. I was 50/50 if I was going to do the trip in one day or 2, but I'm feeling fine, and it's pretty early in the day (around 2pm), so plan to head on home.

From France to UK is the first time my passport is checked. But again, on the train with a bunch of riders, all placing bets on if it's going to be raining in the UK.

Simple ride home, ruined by a couple of idiot drivers once I hit London. But no real difference than normal :)

Get home, and crack open a beer. This is bottle matured beer, it gets better with age. Up to around 3 years old is the best. Is it good? Yep, it's damn good. Easily the best trappist beer I've drunk. It also tastes different as it warms up.

Is it worth a 500 klick round trip through 3 countries? Hell yes. Am I going again next month? Hopefully yes.

I've got 22 bottles left. After the next 6 go, rest are being kept until 2012. So if ya want to try one, you better get your arse over to my place soonish :)

Also I'm on a bit of a high right now. Sometimes I've got to keep reminding myself how mind blowing it is that I'm living in London. I can't recall ever thinking as a kid that I'd leave Brisbane, let alone one day be riding through multiple countries. Life is rather good right now.


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Been playing Ikariam lately. Same guys who did Ogame, but no real need to fleetsave, so I'm not stuck in front of the pc all the time. Much more chilled.

It's a war game still, so you attack and get attacked. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.

But some ppl seem to take the game very, very seriously.

Take this comment, but a guy we're at war with. Much, much bigger than me, and yep, he's prob going to stomp me. I'm afraid he's going to have a heart attack though.


you are a pathetic stupid are using lies for a game....what kind of pathetic person you are really?

You have to learn how to be honorable kid...and you have to respect peoples that you dont know...

Yes i am a bartender and also a musician,a sound engineer...what are you exactly?

Just a kid with pathetic behaviour.... My congrats to your parents boy

Amazingly, he claims to be 33. Oh well, amused me today. I'll keep you all updated.

Didn't know I had to tell the truth to someone I was at war with :)

Yeah, I've been slack with the updates. Got next week off, so should catch up a bit.

Think I had a month with my parents in Bris Vegas, weekend at Sunshine Coast, weekend at the casino in gold coast, coming home $2k up from poker at the casino, week in hamilton island with lana and her mum, revisit to Sydney.

BTW, if you're in Sydney, and I haven't zapped you a line, feel free to buzz me. Down here until the start of June.


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Sometimes you really shouldn't google yourself

Sorry been a bit slack.

Few posts I've got to get around to posting:

Dinner/Lunch at Ivy, J Sheekey, Scotts, Chefs Table At Claridges (again).
Return to Sydney.
Nick & Bonnie's Wedding in Melbourne.
Brisbane with my parents.

But the following is what this post is about. Sometime you shouldn't google yourself...

Shamelessly stolen from


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Lana gave me an STD

Yes, you've read that right.

My wife has given me an STD.

Now that you've picked your jaw off the floor, here's the story....

I've been throwing up after 2 beers. (And yes that didn't stop me drinking, 4 days straight I was throwing up after a couple of after work bevvies). And I've been pissing every 5 minutes.

So after a fortnight of this, I dragged my arse into the Doc's.

Slightly worried I was going to get a finger up the butt (prostate = pissing), but thankfully all I had to do was piss in a cup.

The verdict? UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Girls get it at the drop of a hat, but for guys it's a little more tricky (the extra plumbing in the way). The 3 main ways for a bloke getting it is

  • Homosexual Sex
  • Sex with an infected woman
  • Sticking a catheter up there

So since I ain't shagged a guy, ain't shagged another woman, or stuck a tube up my cock, I've been blaming Lana.

Yes I know it's technically not an STD, but I've been having great fun dropping into conversation my wife gave me an STD and watching people's faces. At the pub on thursday I was even being fed lines to drop that one. Highly humorous.

BTW, it's no biggy, on antibiotics for a week, if it don't clear up, then I might have gallstones or something more painful, but I'll worry about that then.

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