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Finally got off my butt and pointed at the brinkster nameservers. So also setup a bunch of mailaddress.

So my new ultra secret mail address is brad @ the above mentioned domain name.

So for those relatives who have been bugging me to setup POP mailboxes on that domain, holler, and I'll set up one for you.



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Fuck off, I'm a hairy woman

Some official pics.

I'll stop posting pics of Lana now, my blog is turning into her online portfolio.


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Lana did this photoshoot the other day.

Some bloke saw the picture and liked it so much he did an oil painting.

Prints are available from that bloke. I may enquire to see how much he is selling it for.


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I did not frigging cry

Bastards twisted the story. Or Lana did. Either way, I did not cry upon being proposed to. (Yes the boys at work are giving me some stick about it).

Woman, UK Magazine, February 19, 2007

The article for those who don't have PDF.

He said yes straight away and we both cried

Website developer Svetlana , 25, proposed to Brad Jayakody, 29, on a spur of the moment in 2003, now they're happily married. 'Shortly after I met Brad, he said one day he hoped someone he loved would propose to him, because his mother proposed to his father in a lattery and they'd enjoyed a long and happy marriage. So, a year-and-a-half later, I planned my proposal on a moonlit beach with a bottle of champagne. But before the special weekend arrived, Brad started talking about how much he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me. I got in quickly and asked, 'Will you marry me?' I've never seen him so happy. He said yes, and we cried. I told him about my plans, but he said way it happened was perfect.'


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Hot Fuzz

Went and saw Hot Fuzz on the weekend. Great movie, by the guys who made Shaun of the Dead.

While in the cinema, Lana swears a mouse ran across her foot. Wouldn't be too surprised, there was a picture in The Sun newspaper of mice in the bakery at Sainsbury's in the middle of the day.

Was rather hard to concentrate on the film while worrying about mice running up my leg.

One plus, they sold nachos at the cinema. The till jockey stuffed up my change and gave me £10 extra. Yes I gave it back, but it actually took me 5 minutes to convince him he had given me too much. Yeah, I'm not that honest, and if it was pinching freebies from a nameless corporations, no problems, but I knew at the end of the day if his till didn't add up, ain't a good thing.

Won one of those toys from the claw machine first go on the way out. I think I've won about 10 of them now. It's fairly erratic, if I don't win on my first go, I never win.

Remember the first time I won one of those things when I was 12, right chuffed I was. Ended up giving the toy to the dog.

It ain't about the prize, it's all about the winning.

BTW, I did take a picture of Lana's hairy legs, but it's too hard to see the hairs in a picture. Let's just say they were almost as hairy as mine.

Not much else happening, work is plodding along. Contract ends at end of March. So got to work out if I'm going to stick around, or take a couple of months off. Can't really score a new job as done to Oz in May for Bruce's wedding. Debating about buying a motorbike or holding off for a while. Also changed my mind on the plasma tv(after I get my money back from those fuckers via chargeback. I'll post a whinge about that once it's sorted). Might buy a smaller one, as about the only thing I'm going to be doing on it is playing Nintendo.

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