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The biggest incentive to lose weight

So me and Lana are chatting after dinner, and I ask her when we're having sex why she doesn't do that thing she used to do with her hips that was so damn good. Her response, you're too heavy now, lose 10 kg and we'll do it again.

Got to be the biggest incentive to lose weight so far.


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Frigging Foxtel

Lana now works for Foxtel, and as part of her package we get free foxtel. Unfortunately, this does not kick in until after her probation period (3 months).

We're moving out of Coogee and out to Cremorne. Before we signed the lease I called up Foxtel to confirm the place we were moving into had Foxtel.

Imagine my surprise today when they told me I can't get it. After abusing the guy on the other end I said, cancel it then. They transferred me into that department, and imagine my surprise when this guy said, we'll your neighbor in the same apartment building gets it. 5 minutes later it's all teed up, installation going in next Tuesday.

I would have thrown a major fit if I couldn't get free foxtel.

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The Circus

Went to see Circus Oz last night.

It was my New Years present to Lana. We also went last year.

Our seats sucked. Well the view and location was good (2nd row, right in the middle), but the seats are damn tiny, or my ass is too big. Granted the bloke sitting to my right was big guy as well.

For some reason the row behind us was empty, so I moved into that row, and finally got comfortable. About 10 seconds later, one of the acts squirted water all over where we were siting just before, plus the people to the left and right.

The circus was pretty cool, this contortionist, Captain Frodo, was damn impressive, squeezing his body through a tennis racket.

Got back to the car, and a bird had decided to nest in our windscreen wiper.


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Stuck in Cremorne

Monday night, me and Lana decide to head over to our new apartment to work out where which furniture goes should go where.

We get there, work out what goes where(planning to put the computer and tv in the spare room, and make the lounge just a lounge), check out the big mirror in the bedroom, and head off to military road to get some dinner. Walking down military road, can't find jack to eat, so head back to the car and decide to go home. As the key goes into the driver's door, I snap it off.

So we're stuck in Cremorne with no car. Catch a cab back home to Coogee (for $30), find the spare key (luckily, as where Lana thought it was, it wasn't), head back to Cremorne (this time $32), and drive home, picking up an Arthur's pizza on the way.

All in all just a typical adventure.


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Hawkesbury Mk 2

After the horror that was the Hawkesbury Mk 1, we decided to do it again.

Basically we hire a houseboat, cruise down the hawkesbury river, drink, play board games, sleep, read, try to catch fish, swim, and basically just chill the hell out.

The weather looked extremely bad before we left, but Friday as a perfect day. Traffic was light on the way up, we got there, watched the briefing video as the seasoned pro's we were and took off. Unlike last year when we all wanted to drive, this year none of us could be stuffed.

Tied up fairly early to a mooring, proceeded to fish & swim. Nick's radio control boat wouldn't work in the water, something kept interfering with the signal. Neither would the electronic shocking tanks work outside, only indoors.

Nick decided to go spear fishing, so made himself a spear and went hunting. Of course he caught nothing.

I managed to snag 2 tailor using some lures. One of which was just eating size. Bruce proceeded to bludgeon it to death at the front of the boat. Turning the front deck into what looked liked a murder scene. Glover slept through it.

Jacques managed to catch a few fish, all of which were way under size.

Played a lot of scrabble, but on Saturday afternoon we broke out Diplomacy. Most of us hadn't played before, so the first few turns were taking in learning the rules. If you haven't played before, basically you're one of 7 European countries in 1901. There is no luck involved in the game, it's all skill and negotiation. Every unit has the same strength, so the only way to beat an army is 2 on 1, meaning you have to ally with others.

Nick was running around before the game trying to get everyone to gang up on me. But when we started he was France, I was England, so we allied.

Glover was Germany, and we had a loose alliance with him. Russia (played by Bruce) told me he was going to attack Germany. I told Germany, Russia overheard, England and Russia were at war. Ungrateful Germany then decided to attack England, meaning we had to take him out (which we did, while staving off Russia). Austria-Hungry (played by Mike) managed to sneak behind Nick and take out Brest, annoying us for a while.

Game went for a while, with the alliances being France-England vs Russia-Austria, with Turkey (played by Jacques), basically being cannon fodder.

I think what won us the game was not the skillful strategy, but basically Mike and Bruce got drunker as the game went on, and when Bruce lost 2 supply centers in a bold attacking attempt, we declared the game over, with a victory to France-England (and we included Turkey).

Sunday saw us without meat as someone left the meat out, but it was a rainy day and pancakes made it go by.

On the way back we heard a yank call into Ripples base saying they had got stuck on a sandbank. Damn funny.

All in all a good trip, weather nowhere near as good as last time, but still a damn good break from city life.

And another game of Diplomacy needs to be played, this time with 7 players.

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