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Sapient Alumni

Well, went along to the Sapient London Alumni event. Thought I might know a few people there. Apart from the regular jokers that I see every so often (Wheels, Martin & Guy), only ran into one other person I knew.

But, I was surprised, as it was free food and booze. So ended up being rather messy and fun.

And as I was leaving, I stuffed my pockets full of bottles of beer. 6 of them. Leaving Guy to comment, "You're making how much, and you're still stealing beer?".

Just can't help it, free booze and food just taps into my pysche. I just can't help overdoing it.


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Should I be worried?

Lana claims that instead of Gossip girls episode 6 she "accidently" downloaded some tranny porn instead.


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Sticky Pork Ribs Recipe

1.5 kg of pork ribs
6 tablespoons of honey
3 tablespoons of oyster sauce
1 teaspoon of chilli flakes
4 whole star anise
1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
1/4 teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper

Mix honey and oyster in a roasting dish.
Mix everything else in (except ribs).
Roll the ribs around in the mixture.
Marinate overnight.
180 degrees for about an hour and a bit. Turn occasionlly and baste.

Serve with rice and poor the sauce over the rice. Very sweet and sticky, with just a hint of spice from the chilli.

Above recipe is for 2. If you're scaling down, keep sauce mixture as is. Scaling up, increase.
Damn good.


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Search Roundup

Yet another thrilling installment of search terms that bring you to this blog.

something you are allowed to give it as a present but you are not allowed to sell it what is it


sperm donors named Brad

I think you're going to need more than a first name here...

what cant you say in public or on the internet but put on a t-shirt?

This one has me stumped

please don't let this man have any beer t-shirt

I'm sure any enterprising alcoholic is just going to turn his shirt inside out.

Why cops check your bags when you go to the airport

Where the fuck have you been for the last 5 years? Under a rock?

will sperm donors have sex with my wife?

All I can say is thank fuck your guys can't swim enough for you to breed.

wife comes home with shirt insideout

Dude, she spilt red wine on her shirt, so just turned it inside out to hide the stain. Even though it stains both sides. There is no innocent explanation I can think of. I'm fairly certain she also came home without any underwear as well.

toilet that washes your butt

Mike, maybe you can help here?

mensa results

If you're googling your mensa results, you didn't get in.

how to start donating sperm?

Not randomly.

sperm donation by mail

I pity your postman.

how much cum can you eat

See the 2 blokes above. Maybe they can mail you a supply and you can test out how much you can eat.

fuck google ask me! t-shirt

Yep, I need one of those.

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Tank Driving with Car crushing

Okay, this might be a little image heavy, but tough shit, it's my blog, so go away if you don't want.

Back for my 30th, Lana got me a tank experience. I suggested prior to buying me a present to present it to the boys, just to make sure :) So thanks to everyone. This was half a day of driving around tanks with about 20 other people. And the best person out of the group got to crush the car.

Now I was a little grumpy at this. All I really wanted to do was crush a car. Bugger the driving. So I was whinging about it to Lana, and telling her she better be the best driver so I got to crush the car.

Drive up, the place is Tanks a Lot. Let me say the guys working there are a great bunch of blokes, as is the owner. Most of them are ex-military. Shall we say the receptionist is not that helpful. So if you can book, bypassing the front desk, rock and roll. BTW, the cost to crush a car is £475. They were also totally cool with Lana sitting in the Commander's hatch without extra cash (she didn't want to drive). Took about 2 hours to do, but we weren't really rushed, just cruising through it.

Now I'm still slightly annoyed at the thought I'm not going to crush a car, little did I know Lana had changed it so I got to crush a car. I get there and the bloke says, so you're here to crush a car. We got a nice shiny one for you. Lana said I started beaming.

Gear up, and check out the armoury. Bunch of deactivated weapons, some dating back to the 19th century. Some pics.

One of the crappy things, is these weapons are deactivated, but looks like the government is going to destroy them. Barrels filled with lead, firing pins sawn off. Yep you could reactivate them, but then you could just make your own gun if you had those skills. It's crappy because the government just wants the headline of cutting down on gun control, while most of these guns are antiques.

But onto the tanks. First up, the FV 432. A troop carrier, automatic drive.

Not too bad, and for once I didn't crash it. Pushed a little, almost tipped over, or so I thought. Andy, our instructor (12 years British Army as a Chieftan Tank Driver), said no-where close, these things are too heavy for that. Lana was fine in the commander hatch.

Next up, some Russian tanks. I've forgotten the name of the tank, but this one was a manual. Still in service in Finland, and about 30 years old.

Now these had a bigger wheel base, so went over bumps a little harder. Andy kept telling me to slow down, as Lana's probably bouncing around in the back. And yep, afterwards, she had a few bruises. Good fun, except the lever to turn right jammed halfway through, so I had to do some left turn circles.

And finally, the piece d'resistance. A shiny blue rover car, and a 56 tonne Chieftan tank. And I got to squash the car. Some great pics here of the run up, and a great action shot of the glass shattering.

Sorry, long blog post, but I loved the pics from this one, especially of the car crush.

Great frigging day, I loved it. So Lana, you scored a good birthday present :) Wish I'd done some more pretend gangster posing with the guns earlier though. And also straddled the gun on one of the big tanks :)

Finally, for no real reason a pic of me in a mini.

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