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Training Update

Well, my gut is down to 117 cm. I've persuaded Lana to take a picture of me every day in my underwear, so hopefully if it shrinks enough I'll put up one of those slideshows of it shrinking.

Apart from that, I've walked/jogged 47.24 km so far, taken 9hours 48minutes to do it. I'm doing around an hour most days, give or take. Some days have been 30 minutes where my legs have been buggered.

And my weight is starting to shrink. I was at 106.8 kg at the start, down to 103.6kg. Not really changed the diet much, just cooking more. Still ain't cut out beer though.

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Stupid frigging doctors

Here's the thing, when I see a Doctor I don't want them to think out loud on the problem.

When I ripped a chunk out of my knee, after the op to seal it up, there was a little patch that wasn't healing. In the end it was just because it was on the joint, so took longer to seal up.

But I went to my Doc to ask him about it.

His response, "It could be AIDS. You don't have AIDS do you?". WTF, don't freak me out.

And today I went to the doc as I've had a sore throat for about 2 months now.

"Well, either you're sleeping with your mouth open. Or it's throat cancer. One of the two. Here's some nose spray to clear up your nose, if that doesn't work, come back in 2 weeks."

Here's a clue, Don't tell me your theories, tell me what the fuck you actually know.

Granted, I'm just as bad as when it comes to code :)

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The Edge Of Madness Book

Someone's written a book called "The Edge of Madness". Comes out next month, by Michael Dobbs.

Bastard stole my name!

Seems he's actually a reasonably well known author as well.

Wikipedia Entry - Michael Dobbs


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Mainly so I don't lose it.

Driving back on Saturday saw a huge queue of people outside a butchers.

So decided to check it out. Got 2 ribeye steaks. Man they were good.

126 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London, SE22 8HD


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Marathon update

I've now done 5 training runs.

I still suck hard core.

Can't work out how to export meaninful data from my garmin forerunner to post here.

Lana's been chasing me down the street with a stick to keep me going.

All I'm doing is trying to keep my heartrate up around 140 bpm for about 30-40 minutes for the first month, until I boost my fitness a little.

I was also in Dusseldorf last week, which meant my diet went out the window. Food being expensed with a bunch of blokes also visiting does that to you.

But the highlights.

6/9 - 5.2 km in 57:18. Got my heartrate up to 164bpm.
7/9 - 3.0 km in 30:19. 153 bpm.
8/9 - 5.8 km in 55:55. 177 bpm.
11/9 - 2.6 km in 33:45. 132 bpm.
12/9 - 5.5 km in 1:10. 118 bpm. This was a little cruisey as my legs hurt. And we stopped at half a dozen antique stores checking them out on the way back.

My weight is the same, but Lana measured my gut when I started. 122cm. After a week I'm down to 120cm (and that was with Dusseldorf sausage and beer).

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