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Yet another bike update

And it gets better. Sell the BMW R1150 GSA. This beast was perfect for two-up luggage touring. I don't need her for this trip now. Now my thought was to replace her with a smaller hybrid road/dirt bike. Like the KTM Adventure or BMW F650 Da… more »


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A mate had a genius suggestion. Get a Ute. Load the bike into the back of the ute for the boring bits (i.e. straight highways) or when you're feeling social. Frigging genius. Now I'm looking at utes, and am going to have to decide if I'm a For… more »


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Round Oz

Realised I hadn't made this public knowledge. Now as most of you know, me and Lana have a planned 3-4 month round Oz trip planned. Orginal plan is on the back of a bike, the 1150GS in particular. Unfortunately Lana's knees haven't recovered en… more »


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Dropping the GS

Okay, I dropped the GS once on the way back from Melbourne. It took 3 guys to lift her. She was wedged against a petrol pump, making it rather difficult though. I was slightly worried about dropping her in the middle of nowhere, so I decided to do… more »


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BMW 1150 GS Adventure Bike acquired

So I've been on the lookout for a BMW 1150 GS Adventure for the past 4 months. This is for mine and Lana's 3-4 month round Oz trip kicking off in August. Seen a couple, but none that I wanted for the price. My goal price was $16.5k for a 2002 mod… more »

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