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In response to: The Fat Duck review

shru [Visitor]
like the review !! was a great help ! looking forward to c more :)
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In response to: No t-shirt, no flight

Stu [Visitor]
well colour me impressed.
I think the security personell did a bang up job in find the double bluff. A transformer disguised as a t shirt. Not many people would have picked that one up.
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In response to: Scott's Surveyors

Bruce [Visitor]
What, did you lose your deposit?
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In response to: Astronomy

Brad [Member]
CMT's were slightly tricky, due to that math involved. The rest of the course there was no math, but then it was thrown at you for the CMT's. That said, them being open book, it comes down to how much time you want to spend on each one. I think I spent about 10 hours on each CMT.

And about half of that time was on the two math questions in each one :)

Most people don't start their project until after the essay is due. It's why I think the essay is due fairly early on. (4 weeks into the course). The project is 10 weeks after that.

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In response to: Pad Krapow Chicken Basil Thai Stir Fry

Bobbi [Visitor]
Have made this a few times. So easy & delicious and very popular! I also add red capsicum, lime juice & lime zest and use a whole bunch of basil. I use more chicken though and double the sauces. Better than the restaurants!
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In response to: Claridges Chef's table review

Sharon [Visitor]
Fabulous thanks for sharing this....Im off there tomorrow!!!!!
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ritu khanna

In response to: Sperm Donation

ritu khanna [Visitor]
i want to donate my sperm to someonewho needs .I will donate for money toa beautiful lady who really needs it.Anybody needs please mail
to me.Please maintain secrecy
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In response to: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi

ulfat [Visitor]
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i want to join plz contact me at this id
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In response to: Pad Krapow Chicken Basil Thai Stir Fry

Dave [Visitor]
Good recipe I tried it and tasted good thank you.
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In response to: The abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren

john [Visitor]
Well I am sure Europe is a change from Austrailia. I was there and loved the country is one of the few places in the world that actually like Americans. Good luck there.
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In response to: BMW 1150 GS Adventure Bike acquired

Erik [Visitor]
Nice story. Have you done any touring since then?
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In response to: Fuck off, I'm a hairy woman

skidmark [Visitor]
What a beautiful, beautiful woman!
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robert edward carter

In response to: Sperm Donation

robert edward carter [Visitor]
i wanna donate some sperm for some extra cash xD how many times can i do this in a week?
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In response to: Sailing around the world

Peter [Visitor]
I have been thinking about the same thing for a while now as well. I was going to travel Around Australia and then the world on my motorbike (with camper trailer in tow), and have also considered the saling around the world. Like you, I have no idea how to sail, but figured it couldn't be that hard. Buying the boat was never the problem, working out where you are going and how to get there (by yourself) was the biggest issue. Maybe we could team up.
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Home Security

In response to: T-shirt update

Home Security [Visitor]
Well, congratulations! It's quite funny how the airport security acted. They really must hate Transformers, huh?
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In response to: Australian Poker League

matty [Visitor]
the blinds go up so the game dosen't last three weeks.they should go up apl is NOT the world series it needs to end it is free or cheap
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Provo Plumber

In response to: Royal Hospital Road Review

Provo Plumber [Visitor]
Sounds like those are good places to dine in. Quite expensive though. Oh, and lobsters are my fave!
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Tropical Gift

In response to: BMW 1150 GS Adventure Bike acquired

Tropical Gift [Visitor]
Wow. 11 hours? And on a bike too! You're pretty tough!
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In response to: Sailing around the world

Bruce [Visitor]

Sounds like a pain in the arse!
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In response to: SNP Genotyping/DNA analysis

Galen [Visitor]
I have the spit kit sitting in front of me...haven't done it yet. I haven't got much to gain by reading about the illnesses I already have; but my cousin has a serious stomach problem that 23&me might give insight to. still not sure what to do....
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sex movie

In response to: Sperm Donation

sex movie [Visitor]
Is there any chances to get pregnancy when sperm touch the vagina?
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In response to: The Fat Duck review

Karl [Visitor]
Fantastic review. Loved reading about your experience - and looking forward to visiting myself, although perhaps when someone else is footing the bill. Great read! :) - K
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blog on n o thing

In response to: No t-shirt, no flight

blog on n o thing [Visitor]
those problems with airports are very funny.

very nice shirt by the way.
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In response to: 2000AD progs 1-20

Davros [Visitor]
Dan Dare is crap? Idiot! The 2000AD version of Dan Dare launched the comic with big sales. Despite what the revisionists say, Judge Dredd did not become popular with the readership until prog 61 and the start of The Cursed Earth series. Dan Dare was the most popular strip for over a year. I read it from the first issue. Not some guy who buys a collection years later and starts to give their invalid opinion. Get your facts right. The Biogs and Hollow World (Dare's premier two storys drwan by Belardenelli are superb)
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Rob Abdul

In response to: Sometimes you really shouldn't google yourself

Rob Abdul [Visitor]
My name “Rob Abdul” for the last 3 years has been my brand name.

I was so proud when my name appeared in Google’s suggestive list.

It may not sound like much but at least 60 to 80 people goggle me a month.

It is nice for the Ego, I must admit!
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In response to: No t-shirt, no flight

Sam [Visitor]
I agree that they have a tough job to do; checking through thousands of bags a day can't be all that exciting, but someone has to do it. This, however, is ridiculous. I imagine the reason for them being so innappropriate with you is because they simply wanted to assert their power - either that, or they just aren't Transformers fans. Kudos to you for being so patient about the whole thing =D
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Sajmir Chef de party   of sheraton tirana and towers

In response to: Claridges Chef's table review

Sajmir Chef de party of sheraton tirana and towers [Visitor]
this is looks very nice and beautiful,mr Gordon Ramsey is the best chef on the world

p.s i like to eat them all thinks
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Holidays In Spain

In response to: T-shirt update

Holidays In Spain [Visitor]
Just picked up on this story... isn't life just a little bit crazy these days!

Recently I went through Gatwick security with a set of small metal saucepans in my hand luggage... not one comment about them as they were sent through the detectors.

Yet my laptop had to be shut down, battery removed, scanned for traces of explosives, the lot...

You have to wonder!
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Van Dom

In response to: 2000 AD Progs 20-42 review

Van Dom [Visitor]
Bloody Hell! 1010!! How many do you read a day?! Ive been at it about 2 months now and Im only up to 150!!
Fair play to you for that!!!
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In response to: No t-shirt, no flight

Jack [Visitor]
If I were you I wouldn’t take off my t-shirt, it is a free country and you have the right to wear whatsoever you want, you should actually have sued them for treating you like this. I am really sorry to hear this all together
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In response to: 2000 AD Progs 20-42 review

Brad [Member]
Yep, still working through. Up to issue 1010 now.

Up around 200-300 it gets good, all the classic stuff. Then around the early 90's it sucks again. But around '95-96 it's great again.

Well worth the effort put in.

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In response to: No t-shirt, no flight

Tyler [Visitor]
Can i mention this in a blog I'm writing ?
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Van Dom

In response to: 2000 AD Progs 20-42 review

Van Dom [Visitor]
I just recently acquired a full set of 2000ads as well and am starting from scratch also. Was doing a search to see what other people thought of early stories and came across your blog. Just wondering if you're still trying to work your way through them or did you get bogged down! Im up to prog 40 myself as of now and its pretty tough going at the moment! I pretty much second your thoughts on all the early stories. I just want Invasion, MACH 1 and Dan Dare to end already so we can start getting into some of the good stuff! Im sticking with it though!
Good luck!
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In response to: No t-shirt, no flight

MooncatX [Visitor]
I want that shirt! :D You should totally talk to the French Connection people and see if they will let you sell them, cuz I'd totally buy one now and try to wear it if I ever went to the UK. It's good you didn't argue at the time, or they'd have been dick enough to make you miss their flight, but absolutely file an official complaint about it. Air Port security will keep pulling stuff like this and it can get a lot more serious if anyone protests to them at the time. I hear the worst stories about them. Thanks for speaking out. And yes again, make an official complaint.

PermalinkPermalink 13/01/09 @ 16:02

In response to: Sperm Donation

brandi [Visitor]
WE are looking for a sperm donor here in the usa. We want someone who will give up all rights. Here in my state as long as you sign a paper saying you give up all rights then you are not put on the birth certificate nor are you responsible now or ever for this child
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maky sam

In response to: So you want to be a porn star?

maky sam [Visitor]
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In response to: So you want to be a porn star?

target [Visitor]
can u help me get in the porn world...?
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In response to: No t-shirt, no flight

Toby [Visitor]
Freedom is just a word. Who will save the Uk from it's dictatorship?? The Chinese??? ;-p

You really should have got arrested, that would have been headline news. Maybe next time.

Will you ever wear that t-shirt again?
PermalinkPermalink 24/11/08 @ 13:27

In response to: So you want to be a porn star?

Brad [Member]
For the guys who keep posting here in the vain hope of becoming a do realise that the standard path of becoming a male pornstar is as follows?

Do gay porn for a few years to show you can get it up on demand. Then you might be selected for some hetero.

So unless you're willing to do that first, don't bother posting your details here.
PermalinkPermalink 21/11/08 @ 10:33

In response to: So you want to be a porn star?

neel [Visitor]
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honey woney

In response to: So you want to be a porn star?

honey woney [Visitor]
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chiristian douglas

In response to: Sperm Donation

chiristian douglas [Visitor]
donate sperm
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gideon yeboah

In response to: So you want to be a porn star?

gideon yeboah [Visitor]
I want to be a pornstar for da money and girls and fuck them nice and i like to do it so come and take me away or this is my email ID cntact me online
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In response to: Cholesterol

Alex [Visitor]
If you just eat that Logicol spread on your toast and sandwiches every day, it will suck up your excess cholesterol. It's bloody expensive though.
PermalinkPermalink 14/11/08 @ 00:23

In response to: So you want to be a porn star?

RamarioBeckley [Visitor]
I want to be a pornstar for da money and girls you
can contact me at 901-857-2555
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In response to: Paris

Brad [Member]
Ahh, you fell for the old Louvre is shut on a tuesday trap.

Catacombs were cool, but no flash photography, and Lana was highly freaked out, so I've only got a few pics.
PermalinkPermalink 12/11/08 @ 19:40

In response to: Paris

Alex [Visitor]
Hey! Nice blog on Paris. The catacombs sounds cool although I doubt I would have even gotten Kelly down there. We did queue to get up the Eiffel Tower. It was a long wait and very cold up there but still cool. We didn't get into the Louvre though. It was closed for cleaning and we were leaving the next day. :-(

I have no tales of food other than I had to try a Croque Monsieur on Wheel's recommendation. It was probably stupid to buy it from a stall on the Champs Elysses though. I've had better since in Sydney.
PermalinkPermalink 10/11/08 @ 22:03
Lady Banana

In response to: Scotland

Lady Banana [Visitor]
I love the exciting to see...
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adam challenger

In response to: So you want to be a porn star?

adam challenger [Visitor]
i want to try out being a porn star
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In response to: Sperm Donation

Brad [Member]
The problem with donating outside a registered sperm bank, is you're liable for child support.

Doesn't matter what the arrangement is, legally in both Oz and UK, the rights of the child come first. So even if you manage to get someone to accept your sperm, you're looking at 30% base of your salary.

PermalinkPermalink 15/10/08 @ 15:11
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