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Lana's latest audition


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Lana's latest audition

Lana had an interview today. For a java/j2ee contracting role.

After that she had an audition for a film.

Nothing super flash, it's a student film.

Now the role requires a girl who surprisingly can box. She did it for two years, and has broken a couple of noses before.

If you haven't seen Lana box, it is a fearsome sight. The other day we were over at Martin's house playing on his wii. That boxing game. Me and him have a go, and our scores are respectable. Okay, I was buggered after the first fight.

Lana gets on, shatters the high score and knocks the guy out in about 3 seconds.

Plus she can hit damn hard.

Also involved in the scene is a lesbian kissing scene. I'll extract that portion of the script here

"Two girls are kissing, passionately. Stroking each others hair and face, being intimate. They are very slowly dancing to the rythm of some Romantic slow music".

Two lazy to type the rest out, but no, it ain't a porno.

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