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Hairy Fashion Show


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Hairy Fashion Show

Let's start off with saying there was no free booze, no free food, no free anything. Bloody normal beer (not a pint) cost £4. Yes it was a rip off. Or at least I felt that way until someone told me it was for charity. Now my whinge is over, onto the good bits.

So Lana's in this lingerie fashion show. It's kicking off fashion week. There are a few twists to this story.

All the models had to grow their leg hair long. And the arm hair. And any other hair that would grow. Yes I didn't notice my wife's leg hairs were longer than mine.

There were 10 professional models (Lana included), and 10 totally random selection of women in all shapes, sizes and ages, and all hairy to some degree.

The lingerie in question all had a hair theme. And also had hair. One of the bikini's was made from hair. Human hair. One girl had a bikini bottom made totally of hair. Curly hair.

The 10 randoms didn't know it was a fashion show with a runway. They thought it was just walk onto a little stage. There was plenty of liquor for some dutch courage before hand. When they asked why the professional models weren't drinking, one of the girls pointed to the 12 inch stilleto's.

Think that was the list of twists, onto my description for the night.

Kicked off at 6, I got there at 5:30 (remember, I thought it was free booze). They didn't let anyone in until 6. Went in, found out booze wasn't free. Bought one beer, lurked in a corner reading my book. Wasn't in the mood to mingle with the fasionista.

Thing started at 6:45. Lana came out, think about third out, and looked damn good (and this is totally impartial view, not clouded by me being her husband). They cycled between the pro's and the amateurs with the walks. You could tell who the professionals were by the way they walked. Show was over in all of 15 minutes. And yep, all the women were hairy. Couldn't really see the leg hair at my distance, but definitely could see the under arm hair :)

Was funny, they are doing a documentary on it for the BBC. Depending on size, I'll post up portions of it for your viewing + some stills once I get them.

It will be in the papers over the next couple of days, lots of camera's and press there. Highly unlikely you'll see a picture of Lana though, it'll more likely be a picture of one of the amateurs.

And as the make up artist said to Lana after she was all done up in her makeup, in a very African American way, "Your husband is going to love you tonight, girl!". Yep, early valentines day present for me ;) (You'll understand once you see the pics. WOW!!!)

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Comment from: Lana [Visitor]
LanaIt was our choreographer who said that, not the makeup artist.

It was heaps of fun and I've never felt so nervous in my life. But once you go on stage, you don't feel nervous anymore and afterwards you want to go again. It was great!!!
12/02/07 @ 23:35

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