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Lana's Dad


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Lana's Dad

So we finally got invited over to see Lana's Dad's house on Saturday.

Lana's Dad (ex KGB Colonel) has done rather well for himself. Currently owns a few oil fields, gas fields & a silver mine. Me and him are still getting used to each other, different customs and the fact he doesn't speak much English, and the only Russian words I know, are for "idiot", "beer" & "man who pretends to be a woman in prison and has sex with other men".

His house is in Hadley Wood. Zone 5 in London, had to catch the train over there. Only took about an hour from central London. He'd just got back from Spain, and poor me had to carry his bag for him. Bag was full of wine & meat. It was bloody heavy. And I'm lazy.

Nice suburb, one of the Spice girls lives on his road & a bunch premier league footballers. He mentioned the name of one of the goal keepers, but I can't remember.

Now to his house. Yes, I will be price dropping, but bugger it. Ain't my money and I'm damn impressed. House is worth £4 million. Huge frigging house, with one of those gates around it and huge driveway. Brick, 3 stories. Huge garden (yes he has a gardener). There is also a urban fox living there. If I had got around to buying my bb gun, would have been fun to try and hit it.

We'll start with the house, then move onto the toys.

10 metre, indoor heated swimming pool. About 7 bedrooms. Each one with it's own ensuite. And a huge King size bed in each room. Each room has it's own plasma tv. Including the kitchen. The lounge's one is about 4 metres wide.

The kitchen is bigger than mine and Lana's apartment. Absolutely beautiful. Huge preparation area, nice central casual dining area. It even had 2 ovens! 2 ovens. I was gobsmacked. Normally, when cooking you'll have food that needs to heat at different temperatures. Normally you have to do some approximation so everything comes out hot at the same time. This was sweet.

There's a second adjoining house. This is for guests...or staff. The indoor gym has a sauna.

The furniture is nice, classical Spainish style. All new, all very plush.

There's a walk in closet near one of the bedrooms. Again, the closet is bigger than our apartment.

Now to the garage. £300,000 convertible Bentley in the garage. Alongside a £30,000 Harley Softtail. He doesn't have a motorcycle license yet, so the Harley isn't road registered. Which means I can't borrow it. Bugger knows about the car, but considering how many cars we've scratched up, I wouldn't trust us with it.

So yeah, a rather sweet place. If I can just get a ride on the bike, I'l be happy (even though it's a Harley :) )

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