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No t-shirt, no flight


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No t-shirt, no flight

Going out to Dusseldorf for work.

Flying British Airways, leaving from terminal 5.

Go through security, get pulled to the side. I'm wearing a French Connection Transformers t-shirt. Bloke starts joking with me is that Megatron. Then he explains that since Megatron is holding a gun, I'm not allowed to fly. WTF? It's a 40 foot tall cartoon robot with a gun as an arm. There is no way this shirt is offensive in any way, and what I'm going to use the shirt to pretend I have a gun?

Now here's the stupid part. I was only taking carry on luggage, so my clothes were in my bag, so I said I'd get changed. So I stripped off at security and changed t-shirts, putting the "offensive" t-shirt in my bag. Now I haven't been a dick so far, I've done what they've said. No point in arguing with the drones.

The supervisor comes over and is now a dick to me, telling me if I put the shirt on I'll be arrested. I then told him that I wasn't going to waste time arguing with him and he wasn't worth the effort and didn't have any power to change anything anyway. With hindsight I should have said, yeah arrest me, great publicity for you guys to arrest a bloke wearing a transformers t-shirt.

And here's a picture of the "offending" t-shirt. Tossers.

EDIT: I know it's Optimus Prime. The security guard was the one who said it was Megatron.

EDIT EDIT: BTW, for those who want other confirmation, The Sun did a story. Then later the BBC interviewed me about it as well. At the BBC interview was one of my work colleagues who witnessed the incident.


75 Kommentare

Kommentar von: Nina Houston [Besucher]
Nina HoustonYou have got to be kidding me! Oh my god! 1984 here we come...!
30.05.08 @ 22:38
Kommentar von: Mozey [Besucher]
31.05.08 @ 02:21
Kommentar von: J [Besucher]
JYou have to raise an official complaint against these guys, they sound like right idiots.
31.05.08 @ 04:02
Kommentar von: bry [Besucher]
bryummm thats not megatron, thats optimus prime noob!
31.05.08 @ 04:03
Kommentar von: MA [Besucher]
MAThat is fucking bullshit! It's bad enough with the toothpaste and the water and lip balm - but a t-shirt with a picture of a robot carrying what looks like no gun I've ever seen in real life. Where's it going to end?

You really should complain.
31.05.08 @ 04:45
Kommentar von: Jason [Besucher]
JasonHey, did you know you have a hidden iframe in your source code linking to http://www.teahan.net/C/counter.php ? It looks really suspicious since that's a site for some family tree, and my anti-virus is warning me about your site. My guess is your blog software has been hacked.

Take a look here for some steps you can take:
31.05.08 @ 05:38
Kommentar von: Endif [Besucher]
EndifRidiculous. Especially since I've flown from Mexico to the US wearing a shirt with a repeating pattern of very recognizable AR16 assault rifles screen printed on the front and back. Definitely file a complaint.
31.05.08 @ 06:41
Kommentar von: Scott [Besucher]
ScottI'm glad that airport security has uncovered the vast, Tranformer Terrorist conspiracy. Truly, these people are heroes.
31.05.08 @ 07:29
Kommentar von: Singe [Besucher]
SingeThat's an awesome shirt.
31.05.08 @ 07:41
Kommentar von: Johan [Besucher]
JohanYou Ought To Give Your story To A British Tabloid. Theyll Eat That Shit Up, Especially The Daily Mail
31.05.08 @ 08:25
Kommentar von: Scott [Besucher]
ScottFools! The t-shirt has'nt just got a picture of a Transformer on it. The t-shirt IS a Transformer!... Well, it might not be, but you can't take the risk can you?
31.05.08 @ 09:36
Kommentar von: david [Besucher]
davidhave you had a response from the airline or the airport authority about this? also who was it that refused to let you board? was it the airline or the airport security?
31.05.08 @ 09:40
Kommentar von: john [Besucher]
johnplease file an official complaint and send an email to the daily mirror / news of the world. PLEASE!

btw, i thought fascist had lost the war ;)
31.05.08 @ 10:25
Kommentar von: Brad [Mitglied] E-Mail
BradThanks for the comments.

I took a look at that iframe. I think I added it a while ago, but can't remember why. In any case I've removed the link.

Just sent an email to The Sun & Daily Mirror to see if they were interested.

I was travelling with 5 work colleagues, who can verify the story. The can also verify the size of my beer belly now :) If there is a journalist out there who wanted to verify 100%, I can put you in touch. Loathe to give out their details otherwise.

31.05.08 @ 11:03
Kommentar von: Sr.Lobo [Besucher]
Sr.LoboHuman stupidity is reaching stunning levels...
31.05.08 @ 11:13
Kommentar von: Chris [Besucher]
ChrisThat is crazy, waht is the world coming too!

chris @ www.gofrostfire.com
31.05.08 @ 11:31
Kommentar von: jakk [Besucher]
jakkshould have said that's not a gun it's a new dyson cleaner.
31.05.08 @ 11:55
Kommentar von: saylar [Besucher]
saylarBeyond belief and stunning what these pricks are doing.

btw. if you're longer in Dusseldorf and want to see what's going here, drop me a mail, I living here ;)
31.05.08 @ 12:27
Kommentar von: thv [Besucher]
thvlol england. Thank God he put those idiots on an island. Maybe talking english makes you stupid?
31.05.08 @ 12:33
Kommentar von: Suki [Besucher]
SukiDude, I would have just turn the t-shirt inside out on the spot and tell a bugger he is an asshole in front of the whole crowd. Change it back again in the plane. But yeah, that's fucked up.
31.05.08 @ 13:19
Kommentar von: George Paul [Besucher]
George PaulThat t-shirt IS awesome!!
I guess me being brown skinned and all will make matters worse....
31.05.08 @ 13:34
Kommentar von: greywulf [Besucher]
greywulfThat's staggeringly stupid, though I'm not surprised in this day and age either.

Love the shirt!
31.05.08 @ 14:06
Kommentar von: Joe Grossberg [Besucher]
Joe GrossbergWhat you should have done is gotten the names of the "officers" in question, and called them out, by name.
31.05.08 @ 15:18
Kommentar von: Krunch [Besucher]
KrunchGreat. I'm going through terminal 5 tomorrow. I guess I should keep my favourite OpenBSD T-shirt in my bag. http://openbsd.org/images/tshirt-13.jpg
31.05.08 @ 15:52
Kommentar von: Adrian near Seattle [Besucher]
Adrian near SeattleFunny. Watch out for the creeping police state and their dickless underlings. I'm talking about your, Mr. Asshole Supervisor.
31.05.08 @ 16:15
Kommentar von: BuRdO [Besucher]
BuRdOTry wearing a decepticons shirt dude.
31.05.08 @ 16:18
Kommentar von: sam [Besucher]
samThat is pure stupidity on the part of the supervisor, although considering its terminal 5 im not that surprised, just another reason not to fly ba
31.05.08 @ 16:58
Kommentar von: sam [Besucher]
samThe supervisor is obviously an idiot, although considering he works at terminal 5 that's to be expected, just another great reason not to fly ba
31.05.08 @ 17:00
Kommentar von: Vycens [Besucher]
VycensREally, its very offensive... my gun is smaller (that say my wife)
31.05.08 @ 17:18
Kommentar von: Yiyo [Besucher]
YiyoWell, say thanks to W.Bush for changing the World and making it a better place for living in. They want Us to be stupid but We already are.
31.05.08 @ 17:47
Kommentar von: nietzsche [Besucher]
nietzscheThis is not something you should take lightly. Blogging about is good to get the news around, but make sure reputable news networks get a hold of this story. The boundaries of what we condone in the future are decided by what we condone now.
31.05.08 @ 17:48
Kommentar von: Shadus [Besucher]
ShadusIf you were in the US they would have detained you, dragged you off to a cell, wrote you up as a terrorist, revoked your rights to ever fly again, and probably sent you to Guantanamo Bay.
31.05.08 @ 19:31
Kommentar von: poiuz [Besucher]
poiuzDamn cool shirt you got there mate. I wonder how far I would come with my Optimus Prime helmet on my head :). (It was birthday present which I received last year on a bowling alley; we had plenty of fun with it...) Anyway, hope you enjoyed your time in Düsseldorf. It's really a nice place to live.
31.05.08 @ 20:02
Kommentar von: donkey_balls [Besucher]
donkey_ballsXXL? you fucking wideload - did you have 2 seats booked
31.05.08 @ 22:06
Kommentar von: John Smith (duh) [Besucher]
John Smith (duh)Why not just go through security with the shirt turned inside-out, then once you're on the plane and airborne, go to the bathroom and change it? The plane's crew wouldn't have a clue, and you could always say that security let you pass with it on.
01.06.08 @ 00:18
Kommentar von: Greg [Besucher]
GregThat's really stupid :D
01.06.08 @ 00:24
Kommentar von: david [Besucher]
"Kommentar von: thv [Besucher]
lol england. Thank God he put those idiots on an island. Maybe talking english makes you stupid?
Permalink 31.05.08 @ 12:33"

Racist moron.

01.06.08 @ 02:02
Kommentar von: Daniel K [Besucher]
Daniel KI don´t believe that this would be true. It´s more plausible to be a internet hoax.
Nice fooling Man.
01.06.08 @ 02:08
Kommentar von: jt [Besucher]
jtThey would claim to have arrested you for not following orders, or creating a disturbance or some BS like that.
01.06.08 @ 02:48
Kommentar von: Guinnevere [Besucher]
GuinnevereIf they're anything like America's detestable TSA (Supposed to mean 'Transportation Security Administration' but it's more like 'Take our Shit, America'), they just make up the 'rules' as they go along, because they can. It's about the only perk they have in their pathetic jobs: the pay is rubbish, and the work looks mind-numbingly boring, but they get to mess with people and throw their weight around. They can even have people arrested if the travelers refuse to put up with the crap the 'Security' creeps hand out.

Dunno if the UK is as deep into fascism as the government is here in the US, but it might not do any harm to file a complaint. You're probably already on their list of Suspicious Characters, just for wearing a shirt with a picture on it of a robot with a gun. (Can't be too careful, now, can they?)
01.06.08 @ 03:19
Kommentar von: Edward [Besucher]
EdwardIf this story is actually true (and it might be), this is really silly.

And @donkey_balls: Did you EVER ordert t-shirts etc. from Japan? I assume not, else you'd know one important thing: Japanese XXL is only XL or even L in european/american size...
01.06.08 @ 08:15
Kommentar von: Benn [Besucher]
BennPerhaps next time you go travelling with a group of friends - get them all to wear tshirts in a similar vein and see what happens.

I've never heard of anything so ridiculous.
01.06.08 @ 09:07
Kommentar von: Ed Hunter [Besucher]
Ed HunterYou can't blame the English people. it's only the airport staff that are jumped-up sh*t-heads. It's got to be a boring job, and it's probably the closest they'll ever come to stoping someone with a gun.
Now hough, you should start a trend of people turning up for flights with armed transformer or stormtrooper shirts.
01.06.08 @ 13:03
Kommentar von: Pluvius [Besucher]
PluviusThat is Optimus Prime. You sadden me.

01.06.08 @ 21:45
Kommentar von: astrosurge [Besucher]
astrosurgeSympathised with your ordeal. Im a TF fan too, and i did i blog about it in my blog.

02.06.08 @ 01:11
Kommentar von: astrosurge [Besucher]
astrosurgeI sympathized for your ordeal and i did blog about it too in my site.
02.06.08 @ 01:13
Kommentar von: Hanni [Besucher]
HanniHi,, greetings from Mexico. I have a blog which I write in Spanish and I really would like to post something about what happened to you. I just would like to know if that is ok. Thanks in advance greetings from Mexico.
02.06.08 @ 05:37
Kommentar von: Syotaro [Besucher]
SyotaroIt's funny.

And another funny thing on the T-shirt is
the characters written in Japanese.

That's a very direct translation
for French Connection but so funny.
02.06.08 @ 08:13
Kommentar von: Pannad [Besucher]
PannadYou should send this story to a few news sites. Show these idiots up on the front page of the BBC and make them squirm a bit.
02.06.08 @ 12:23
Kommentar von: xpgx1 [Besucher]
xpgx1Dude, you're awesome! Those security guards are rly rly over stressed and completely nuts. Don't let them ruin your day... idiots. Unbelievable stupid. G'day ;D
02.06.08 @ 12:37
Kommentar von: TG [Besucher]
TGNow wait a minute - you had to take the dangerous T-shirt off and put it in your CARRY ON baggage? So you still had the dangerous weapon with you! You could have opened your carryon bag, taken the shirt, gone to the plane's toilet, put it on . . . and the cabin crew would have been DEFENCELESS. Why is this T-shirt more dangerous on your back than in your bag? You could strangle someone with it if you were not wearing it! Did they check your bag to see if you had any other dangerous T-shirts?
02.06.08 @ 13:49
Kommentar von: $ynzzz3 [Besucher]
$ynzzz3Ach du scheisse, was ist mit Leuten die ein Waffen-Tattoo tragen ??? Haben sie die Wahl sich ein stueck Haut raus zu schneiden, oder was ??? Die ganzen ECHTEN-Schurkenstaaten haben mit ihren Ein- und Ausreisebestimmungen nichts erreicht, nur das sie komplett ihr Buerger Kontrollieren !!! So ein quatsch !!! Viva la revolution !
02.06.08 @ 14:39
Kommentar von: Sandman [Besucher]

for gods sake, and the sake of the rest of the traveling public, take this further...hell you are in half the online media I read so its a story that will run. Make a formal complaint and ask for the law/regulations to be quoted....personally Id sue the arses off em for humiliating me in public.

Guess Id best not wear that Green Piece (with an AK47 image)t shirt or my old Bomb Disneyland tour t shirt then ;-)
03.06.08 @ 03:32
Kommentar von: James Elsdon-Baker [Besucher]
James Elsdon-BakerWhat a bunch of idoits. You do realize that British Airways that fly from T5 are currently showing Charlie Wilson's War a film with Tom Hanks about a US congressman selling guns to the Taliban to fight the Soviet's. So you are not allowed to fly with a T-Shirt with a cartoon gun on it but they are happy to show a film about selling guns to the people who went on to hatch 9/11

The irony is not lost....
03.06.08 @ 10:53
Kommentar von: Joyce BV [Besucher]
Joyce BVDoes anyone know where I can get one of these shirts? I know its FCUK, but it isn't up anymore on their website.
03.06.08 @ 22:15
Kommentar von: yasho [Besucher]
yashoHI Brad

I would really like to write this up for my editor....all those techies flying around on projects every other minute shud know what to expect...

Please get back to me at my emailid...
04.06.08 @ 08:37
Kommentar von: Bugz [Besucher]
BugzLast time I flew out of UK was wearing a T-shirt that read:
I dont like people who take Drugs...like cops and custom officers

Lucky me...they didnt arrest me for the possession of drugs :)
04.06.08 @ 15:55
Kommentar von: tim maguire [Besucher]
tim maguireI caught this story in the news and just now came to your page through stumbleupon. Not to be a pedant, and it's probably for the best that you didn't try this on the security guard, but since there is no real gun that your T-shirt gun was modeled after, it is NOT a drawing of a gun.
06.06.08 @ 23:16
Kommentar von: tim maguire [Besucher]
tim maguireSorry, hit send too soon. Wanted to add after "it is NOT a drawing of a gun" that it is a meaningless assortment of scribbles and you can't help it if they remind this guy of a gun. The fact remains, it is not a gun.
06.06.08 @ 23:20
Kommentar von: Jeremy [Besucher]
JeremyIn the US I tried to get a job with TSA, after over 6 months of tests, background checks, etc I was denied without a reason given. I followed up and found out the reason...I had student loans. That's right, the TSA won't hire people who have been to college, what does that tell you?
07.06.08 @ 06:56
Kommentar von: chilan [Besucher]
chilanThis sounds a lot like high school dress codes: depiction of guns on a shirt = violence = dangerous! = change your shirt.
10.06.08 @ 06:11
Kommentar von: Dan [Besucher]
DanWow this is both funny and sad. Great story. Even toy guns are offensive?!?
11.06.08 @ 23:45
Kommentar von: husni [Besucher]
husniHahaha, this is absurd. I saw a coverage about this on The Colbert Report. They referred to it as Megatron though...still funny, check it out - http://www.comedycentral.com/colbertreport/videos.jhtml?videoId=172954
02.07.08 @ 06:50
Kommentar von: Mark, USA [Besucher]
Mark, USAForgive the English...I only had limited German in high school, and that was a long time ago.

The lunacy you describe has spread far and wide. I thought only the USA suffered with it. There are even school children here being suspended from school for wearing such images on their shirts. A few years ago I wore a t-shirt to work (very informal) that I'd bought at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
I was "asked" to change out of it as the supervisor was afraid someone of Japanese decent there would be offended by its reference. (Nobody actually was) I offered to return to work bare chested as I did not have another shirt there. They finally let me return to work with the shirt worn inside out, which attracted way more attention than just wearing it normally. This is an outgrowth of "political correctness", which is an elitist concept hopefully soon to die out. Danke
04.07.08 @ 05:39
Kommentar von: TSA [Besucher]
here's the thing:
the Japanese insignia there.
The officer didn't know what it was. Try other symbols - corean for instance and you'll get the same result.
Your record is unaffected, of course, but still keep in mind that the only purpose of TSA is to keep your flying experience a safe and pleasant one.
13.07.08 @ 23:36
Kommentar von: Richard Green [Besucher] E-Mail
Richard GreenHey Bard - I wouldn't mind chatting with you over this incident even though it's a few months since as I'm trying to collate a number of stupid and plain scary airport security stories. Any chance of a telephone natter sometime ?

Thanks, Richard.
05.08.08 @ 17:58
Kommentar von: tee [Besucher]
teeGuys you are forgetting the CUBE("ALLSPARK") maybe he had that hidden somewhere in optimus prime and once he is aboard the plane. He could turn that image into a real robot with a real gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They had to do what they did!!

:D hahahahahahahahahaha.
Sorry couldn't help it. I know you might have felt terrible.
28.08.08 @ 16:16
Kommentar von: Einzelhaft [Besucher]
20.09.08 @ 12:38
Kommentar von: Toby [Besucher]
TobyFreedom is just a word. Who will save the Uk from it's dictatorship?? The Chinese??? ;-p

You really should have got arrested, that would have been headline news. Maybe next time.

Will you ever wear that t-shirt again?
24.11.08 @ 13:27
Kommentar von: MooncatX [Besucher]
MooncatXI want that shirt! :D You should totally talk to the French Connection people and see if they will let you sell them, cuz I'd totally buy one now and try to wear it if I ever went to the UK. It's good you didn't argue at the time, or they'd have been dick enough to make you miss their flight, but absolutely file an official complaint about it. Air Port security will keep pulling stuff like this and it can get a lot more serious if anyone protests to them at the time. I hear the worst stories about them. Thanks for speaking out. And yes again, make an official complaint.

13.01.09 @ 16:02
Kommentar von: Tyler [Besucher] E-Mail
TylerCan i mention this in a blog I'm writing ?
20.03.09 @ 02:21
Kommentar von: Jack [Besucher] E-Mail
JackIf I were you I wouldn’t take off my t-shirt, it is a free country and you have the right to wear whatsoever you want, you should actually have sued them for treating you like this. I am really sorry to hear this all together
26.03.09 @ 06:36
Kommentar von: Sam [Besucher]
SamI agree that they have a tough job to do; checking through thousands of bags a day can't be all that exciting, but someone has to do it. This, however, is ridiculous. I imagine the reason for them being so innappropriate with you is because they simply wanted to assert their power - either that, or they just aren't Transformers fans. Kudos to you for being so patient about the whole thing =D
30.07.09 @ 17:55
Kommentar von: blog on n o thing [Besucher]
blog on n o thingthose problems with airports are very funny.

very nice shirt by the way.
03.08.09 @ 12:43
Kommentar von: Stu [Besucher]
Stuwell colour me impressed.
I think the security personell did a bang up job in find the double bluff. A transformer disguised as a t shirt. Not many people would have picked that one up.
07.04.11 @ 23:35

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