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I'm doing my Masters of Astronomy at Swinburne University. Remotely. Rather enjoyable so far.

Managed to get 78% in both subjects so far, just managing a distinction in both. Considering that was the best mark I ever managed at uni when I did my IT degree, I'm rather happy. Much more work than I thought, if I wasn't working during the last two weeks of the semester, I don't know how I would have managed. Next semester I plan on only doing one subject. One will be fine as a hobby, otherwise all I was doing was work and uni.

Anyway, here's my first two projects. I really need to work on my academic writing within them. I can write bullshit, but I really need to formalise my writing style.

The Fermi Paradox

Life in the Solar System

21/30 for Fermi.

My time dilating explanation is a little confusing. And my supervisor had a great point of humanity does do generational work - Gaudi's Sagrada Família for example. I should have remembered that, I've been there.

25/30 for Life in the Solar System.

I'm missing some explanations on what is life - specifically in regards to viruses, why fire is not life, prions. And my explanation of the MHZ could be extended.

On how life started on Earth, I'm missing talking about stromatolites and fossils.

Anyway, enjoy, and swear at my writing style. Lana did, and I was too stubborn to change it all.

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Comment from: Brad [Member] Email
BradCMT's were slightly tricky, due to that math involved. The rest of the course there was no math, but then it was thrown at you for the CMT's. That said, them being open book, it comes down to how much time you want to spend on each one. I think I spent about 10 hours on each CMT.

And about half of that time was on the two math questions in each one :)

Most people don't start their project until after the essay is due. It's why I think the essay is due fairly early on. (4 weeks into the course). The project is 10 weeks after that.

26/08/10 @ 09:21

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