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James and the Suckatorium


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James and the Suckatorium

Just got reminded of this story. Happened about 4 years ago. The following is a slightly embellished account.

Somehow we found out down the road there was a gay club called the suckatorium. They even had a website. As part of our screwing around during working hours, we had posted our pictures on hotornot.com, so I had this picture of him wearing a cowboy hat. I told him I was going to get a gay mate to go to the suckatorium to put a "Wanted: nice well hung stud" message on the physical bulletin board in the building with his picture and mobile number on it.

Haha, he laughed. Of course I couldn't get anyone to go post the picture, but I could get someone to call him up with a falsetto voice and pretend to be interested, stating they saw his ad down at the suckatorium, and were interested in a little backdoor action.

After the anger died down, what did he do, of course, storm on down to the suckatorium to take down his picture that didn't exist. He even had to pay $20 to get in for the privledge. He said he checked all the rooms in case it was somewhere else.

He said he saw things in there no straight man was ever meant to see, and claimed to be shocked.

After I finished up there, about a year later I ran into him. Turns out he'd just come out of the closet.

So if you want sabotage, I sabotaged a mates heterosexuality.

(okay the embellished bit is James turning gay. He just called them up to get them to take it down. My version is much funnier though)

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