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So you want to be a porn star?


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So you want to be a porn star?

Lana used to be a professional model.

As a result her portfolio is out in a few places, few of them online.

About a year ago she packed it in. Was making more coding than posing.

Anyhow, every so often she still gets the occasional request for work. 99.9% of those are porn related. Here's the latest, which I find amusing, so you can enjoy as well.

I've left the e-mail addy in, so if you feel like it you could contact them.

From: Expose exposeprod@optusnet.com.au
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 20:58:45 +1000

Dear Naomi

Expose Productions is a new adult film production company and we will produce Australian film (non-violent erotica) targeting the couples and women market. We are currently seeking male and female talent who may be interested in being involved in Adult Film. Your portfolio reflects the quality and standards which we believe will contribute to our productions as a well regarded company in the industry. We were hoping you may be interested in being involved with our projects.

As far as production is concerned our films will contain explicit sex scenes for the heterosexual, female bi-sexual market. Our films however will not be the typical hardcore or home made amateur feature targeting a male only audience. They will be very sensual paying particular attention to the woman. In terms of Adult Films our films they would be considered above average to high budget films.

Film locations will be mostly in Sydney or within a 90min. vicinity and possibly the ACT area, depending on the feature. Travel and accommodation for Interstate models can be discussed.

The industry rates on are not based on an hourly rate they are structured to pay per scene. For female talent the payment will $500 per scene. We propose that there will be between 5 and 7 scenes per film and estimate two films produced ver two simultaneous weekends. Depending on the role the talent may be in 4 - 6 scenes which means they could earn up to $3000 for two weekend. Our forecast is to produce a minimum of 12 films per year providing continuity of work for our talent.

We are a legitimate company and provide a safe work environment both
personal safety and Occupation Health.

We hope we can establish a relationship with yourself and look forward to your reply


Expose Productions


Comment from: adam challenger [Visitor]
adam challengeri want to try out being a porn star
28/10/08 @ 16:51
Comment from: RamarioBeckley [Visitor] Email
RamarioBeckleyI want to be a pornstar for da money and girls you
can contact me at 901-857-2555
13/11/08 @ 00:44
Comment from: gideon yeboah [Visitor]
gideon yeboahI want to be a pornstar for da money and girls and fuck them nice and i like to do it so come and take me away or this is my email ID cntact me online
15/11/08 @ 13:55
Comment from: honey woney [Visitor] Email
honey woneyhello to all , after this i am male from PAKISTAN i have too much interest in sexual playing since childhood now i m totally independent person so i think that i might be a good porn star because i can do lot and beautifull sex than porn star. this thing incourage m for the sexual playing i do not of money only for my wish
19/11/08 @ 16:06
Comment from: neel [Visitor] Email
neelI want to be a pornstar for da money and girls and fuck them nice .so please contact me on my email id or this number 9874653693
21/11/08 @ 06:09
Comment from: Brad [Member] Email
BradFor the guys who keep posting here in the vain hope of becoming a pornstar....you do realise that the standard path of becoming a male pornstar is as follows?

Do gay porn for a few years to show you can get it up on demand. Then you might be selected for some hetero.

So unless you're willing to do that first, don't bother posting your details here.
21/11/08 @ 10:33
Comment from: target [Visitor]
targetcan u help me get in the porn world...?
26/11/08 @ 21:24
Comment from: maky sam [Visitor]
maky samI will like to join your team,i have all de qualities to gratify viewers .Iam also black and a very long blak dick dat can let every girl cry ann cal her mama.
28/11/08 @ 10:26

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